After school clubs

Our in school project currently takes place at three Secondary Schools in Busembatia where we run 5 programmes.

Leadership Programme


The programme aims to build the capacity of girls to take on positions of leadership in their own communities. The programme looks at goal setting, female role models, qualities of leaders and life skills.

Rights & Advocacy Programme

Rights and advocacy

The programme aims to empower girls to realise and respect their rights, whilst enabling them to debate and advocate for change. On the programme girls are introduced to The Universal Declaration on Human Rights, United Nations Declaration on the Rights of the Child and The Convention on the Elimination of All Discrimination Against Women and are given the opportunity to critically analyse these key human rights instruments in relation to common human right abuses that women and girls face in Uganda.

Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights Programme

Sexual reproductive health and rights

The programme aims to equip girls with the knowledge to make informed decisions in relation to their health and family planning and empower them to advocate for their rights. On the programme we discuss the social and economic implications of having too many children and engage the girls in activities to calculate the financial consequences. The rights focused section of the programme looks at Female Genital Mutilation and Rape and gives the girls the opportunity to discuss the impact of these abuses on their Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights.

Career Guidance Programme

Career guidance

The programme aims to give girls the practical knowledge they need to compete in Uganda’s competitive job market. The girls learn how to evaluate their skills, set goals, produce CV’s and cover letters.

Teen Voices Programme

Teen voices

This programme is a new and exciting one that runs in partnership with Teen Voices based in New York. Teen Voices is a global girl news site that incorporates teens in the production of news about their lives. On the Teen Voices Programme we discuss challenges that girls face in Uganda and then guide the girls on how to produce news stories about these challenges. These stories are then edited in New York and then published online reaching an international audience. We also show the girls how to use social media to share news and advocate for change.

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